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Donors of $50-$149 will be entered in a drawing for one of five (5) SF/Baen themed T-shirts. ($15 value)

Donors of $150-$249, will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three (3) 11x17 art print of a Baen Book by Kurt Miller Studios, signed by the artist and book author. ($30 value)

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Donors of $500 or more, will be entered into a drawing for a complete set of Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coins, including a Series 1 Tagon's Toughs coin (TTS1#32). ($165 value)

                                                                                                                                                                     with ALL the Kickstarter extras, and signed by Howard Tayler himselfthe novel (3 available) OR personalized copy of Schlock Mercenary Capital Offensive game (1 available).


OBB and TeddRoberts.com are directing the newest (Summer 2013) incarnation of Operation Baen Bulk to send Kindle electronic book readers - loaded with more than 500 free eBook titles - to Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) at military bases where Wounded Warriors are undogoing rehabilitation and transition back to active duty or civilian life.  

UPDATE!!!: We have raised nearly $5,000 and have purchased 80 Kindles for delivery to MTFs.  The first 20 Kindles

have been sent to Fort Bragg, and we are actively seeking contacts at Schofield Barracks, Fort Gordon, Fort Drum,

Fort Benning and Camp Lejeune.

Baen Books proudly supports our military.  Our special thanks to Baen for allowing us to distribute these promotional eBooks.

WHAT is Operation Baen Bulk ??

OBB is a different kind of support for the troops. Instead of focusing on individuals, we support entire UNITS, by finding what they need, or want, and can't easily or quickly get while deployed. . .and get it to them. In LARGE quantities. Think of it as the Warehouse Club approach to Soldier Support: we use the power of buying and shipping in bulk, to maximize the stuff delivered to our troops, out at the pointy end of the spear, and minimize things like waste, shipping costs, etc. And in the process, generally deliver a lot more to the individual soldier than "CARE Packages."

WHO is Operation Baen Bulk ?

Operation BAEN BULK started in the fall of 2009, when one of our founders: our ”loggie” and chief instigator, needed a project to keep him sane while looking for a job with the economy going south.  BAEN BULK consists of  a bunch of Science Fiction fans, all of whom read the military SF that Baen Books published. We first pooled our money and resources to insure that a Verification Transition Team in Afghanistan, with no PX, could have some Christmas Trees and good coffee.  Since then, we've provided for the oddball requests and creature comfort needs of several deployed units - from training detachments, to combat medics, to Ammo Dawgs…

Since 2009, Operation Baen Bulk has sent:

Books, sweet and salty snacks, Zombieland movie merchandise, Christmas decorations, Stainless-steel travel mugs, flashlights, batteries, “Smart Wool” socks, hydration supplies.  

HOW do we do it ??

First, we get in touch with individuals, we find out specific needs and wants, then we find the best buys we can find to deliver those wants. We then raise the funds, and when we get enough, we order the stuff, and send it to the troops. With low “thresholds” and little overhead, we ship no matter how much we raise!  

So, you want to help. . .what do YOU do ???

This one's easy. You go to our campaign at OBB.TeddRoberts.com. You make a donation, using a major credit or debit card, or PayPal. We already have some initial fixed donations, so we know that we can at least deliver on our plans this year - we just need YOU to help us bust through last year’s $3,500 campaign! We'll keep collecting donations for as long as we can keep buying and sending Kindles.  

NOTE:  We have over 500 (!!) Free Books to load on the Kindles thanks to the generosity of Baen Books and independent authors.  

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Operation Baen Bulk 2013

“After Action”

We’ve thought long and hard about the problems inherent in spending donation money to buy prizes, but we also want to give something to recognize our backers.  We offer the following compromise:

Donors of $250-$499, will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three (3) prizes consisting of autographed books or games from Baen authors.  ($50 value)